With the release of his new movie ‘Need for Speed’, ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Aaron Paul is looking to move from small screen accolades to big screen stardom. Will the actor sucessfully make the transition? Well so far things have been pretty good for the former movie usher.

Aaron Paul is currently starring in 'Need for Speed'Aaron Paul is currently starring in 'Need for Speed'

34 year old Idaho native, Aaron Paul, wasted no time in starting out on his road to fame. Straight after graduating High School, the actor drove to Los Angeles to seek out acting roles and eventually landed a job on the wrong side of the screen, as a movie theatre usher. A few bit parts in movies came, he starred alongside James Franco in forgotten teen movie, ‘Whatever it Takes’ in 2000, appeared as the son of Jeff Bridges in ‘K-Pax’ and also lent his voice to the animated underwater tale ‘Help Im a Fish’. But if you’re looking for Paul’s most memorable early career moment, then you might want to look up the January 3rd 2000 episode of TV game show ‘The Price is Right’. A very, very enthusiastic pre fame Aaron appeared as a contestant and walked away with a desk as his prize. The clip is of course now on Youtube.

After his game show moment Paul moved on to more reputable TV appearances, including guest stints on 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation', CSI: Miami' and 'ER'. He also appeared as the half brother of Tom Cruise in 2006’s ‘Mission Impossible III’. His first major acting gig then came in 2008 with a recurring role on HBO’s ‘Big Love’. Paul appeared in 14 episodes as Scott Quittman, the eventual husband of Amanda Seyfried’s character.

Aaron Paul with his Prime Time Emmy award for 'Breaking Bad'Aaron Paul with his Prime Time Emmy award for 'Breaking Bad'

It was in 2008 that Paul got his big break landing the role of Jesse Pinkman in AMC’s mega hit ‘Breaking Bad’. For his portrayal of Walter White’s meth making partner Paul won two Prime Time Emmy awards for Oustanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series as well as picking up two further nominations. His wins make him one of only five actors to take home the award more than once.

His success on ‘Breaking Bad’ led him to his first feature film starring role in 2008's ‘Smashed’ as the husband of an alcoholic attempting to become sober. The film was well received by critics and holds an 84% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film festival.

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