Aaron Sorkin has defended himself against criticisms of his latest show 'The Newsroom' and allegations that he sacked his entire writing team. It's a fairly standard procedure for writers to switch up their teams at the end of a season but because of the negative reports that the show has received in the press, people have jumped on Sorkin and seem to be waiting for the cracks to show.

There was no such display of weakness from the writer of 'West Wing' though, who insists that all is well in 'The Newsroom' camp. It's worth remembering that the public have taken to the show far more kindly than the critics, and the show has been commissioned for a second season. Fox News reports that Sorkin spent his 30 minutes in front of critics at the Television Critics Association gathering "responding to those who lambasted the series." Regarding the situation with his staff, he responded "They're coming to work early. They're being polite to me" and joked "I want the old gang back."

Jeff Daniels, who stars in the series, playing the role of a cable news anchor, also had a few words to say to the critics who were gathered there. "I completely get why you do what you do," Daniels told them at Beverly Hills Hilton's International Ballroom. "God bless you. You don't do it for me, and you never have. It took me a long time as an actor to stop reading you."