Abbie Cornish prefers sex scenes to action scenes.

The 29-year-old actress explained she would always rather appear in a bedroom situation than be shooting a gun in a film because she is "totally unselfconscious" about her body.

She said: "Sex scenes are definitely easier than action scenes. I'm pretty unusual for an actress in Hollywood because I am totally unselfconscious about my body.

"I've never been in better shape than when I did 'Sucker Punch' because we had to fight and dance and wear incredibly tiny outfits."

However, the Australian star admitted she loves being able to see her body change as she loses and gains weight for various movie roles.

Abbie added to Live magazine: "I lost a ton of weight when I was a junkie in 'Candy', with Heath Ledger playing my boyfriend. I was incredibly thin. Now I'm a lot more curvy because I'm eating what I want.

"I like to watch my body go up and down in size for the roles that I play; it's interesting and I have absolutely no worries about taking my clothes off for love scenes. It doesn't faze me at all."