Abbie Cornish's new thriller 'Limitless' has topped the U.S box office, taking $19 million in ticket sales during its opening weekend.
Abbie Cornish, the Australian actress and star of 'Somersault' and 'Bright Star', has topped the U.S box office with her new movie 'Limitless', which also stars Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper, reports the Vancouver Sun.The movie follows the story of 'Eddie' played by Cooper, who is able to dramatically increase his brain power by taking a special drug. Cornish plays Eddie's sceptical girlfriend, while De Niro plays a powerful financial guru. The film entered the box-office at number-one, ousting Johnny Depp's animated movie 'Rango', which dropped to number-two after taking $15.3 million. Last week's number-one, 'Battle: Los Angeles' took $14.6 million and dropped to number three. Two other new movies, 'The Lincoln Lawyer' starring Matthew Mcconaughey and 'Paul' starring Simon Pegg, entered at number four and five respectively.
Abbie Cornish's next movie is the highly anticipated 'Sucker Punch' with Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Browning. The action-fantasy film is set to hit both conventional and Imax cinemas on Friday (25th March 2011).