The battle of the US TV networks continues, as they reveal details of the Fall 2012 schedules. ABC have revealed that their Sunday nights - once filled with the lightweight comic drama of 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Brothers and Sisters' will now be "one long struggle between good and evil," the New York Daily News reports. The end of the weekend will be a time for drama on Abc, it would seem.
The evening will commence with 'Once Upon A Time,' billed as "an ominous fairytale mashup" and will be swiftly followed by 'Revenge,' another dark drama that performed well mid-week and has now been granted the hallowed Sunday evening slot. If that's not dark enough, Abc will be trying even harder to give their viewers Sunday evening nightmares, with '666 Park Avenue', a New York-set drama about a building with "Satanic secrets" and the young couple who move in to manage the building. '666 Park Avenue' will star Rachael Taylor and Vanessa Williams.
To lighten the mood a little, later on in the week, Wednesday's shaping up to be comedy night for Abc. 'Modern Family' will return to viewers screens, as will 'The Middle' and 'Suburgatory.' 'The Neighbors' will also join the comedy fleet for the network. There'll be a new season of Dancing With the Stars to look forward to, sticking with a Monday night main show, with the results announced on a Tuesday evening. And the popular Grey's Anatomy returns at 9pm on a Thursday.