A Kenny Chesney look-a-like was ejected from the country superstar's Nashville, Tennessee gig at the weekend (23Jun12) for impersonating his hero.
Local teacher Nathan Blankenship caused quite a stir when he showed up at the gig dressed just like the singer/songwriter he was there to see.
He tells ABC a security guard approached him and demanded to see his ticket as he entered the LP Field arena.
Blankenship recalls, "I just thought he was going to lead me back to my seat, which I would have been fine with, but he grabs me by the arm and starts pulling me up the walkway to the very top (of the venue)... He just said that (I was) purposely trying to impersonate a celebrity so we're kicking you out."
But local police officials insist they alerted security staff to look out for the look-a-like teacher, stating other country stars had complained that Blankenship had been capitalising on his resemblance to Chesney at their shows, and duping gullible fans.
However, it seems Chesney wasn't aware of the fact a fan had been ejected before he hit the stage.
A representative for the singer says, "We never want our fans to leave disappointed and we are reaching out to him (Blankenship) to make this situation right."