Abbey Clancy thinks she's aged 10 years during lockdown because she has been drinking ''far too much''.

The 34-year-old model - who has Sophia, nine, Liberty, five, Johnny, two, and Jack, 12 months, with husband Peter Crouch - admitted she's turned to alcohol in the evenings while stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and is concerned the habit has had an impact on her looks.

She said: ''There's been far too much alcohol consumed so I feel like I've aged about ten years in this lockdown.''

However, the British model insisted she has ''loved'' being at home more with her family, even though she is exhausted and there are times when the children have ''driven [her] mad''.

She said: ''I've really enjoyed the lockdown. It's such a special thing to pause life and have your husband and your kids with you every single day.

''We're all so busy running around like headless chickens usually so I've been quite grateful for that.

''There's been times where we've been exhausted and the kids are driving us mad but ultimately I've loved it.

''My kids are up at quarter to six and by the time they're all in bed it's eight so we literally have one hour together before I'm snoring my head off.''

Abbey's children have struggled to understand why they have been isolated away from friends and other family members, particularly when they celebrated their birthdays.

Speaking on Instagram Live, she said: ''I've had three birthdays in lockdown as well and it was really difficult for them not being with their friends.

''They're so little they don't understand so I'm looking forward to things slowly getting back to normal.''