Abbey Clancy is Louis Theroux's ''biggest fan on earth''.

The 34-year-old model was left starstruck when the documentary maker appeared on her husband Peter Crouch's BBC podcast.

Speaking on 'That Peter Crouch Podcast', Abbey said: ''I can't even talk. I am literally your biggest fan on earth.''

When it was suggested that Louis could make a programme about the Crouch family, Abbey said: ''You're welcome round at any time Louis.''

Abbey lives at home with the former England star and their kids - Sophia, nine, Liberty, five, and Johnny, two.

But Peter recently admitted he's been using a life-size cardboard cut out of himself to guard his mansion from thieves.

The 39-year-old ex-sportsman used the prop, nicknamed Two-Metre Peter, from his TV show 'Save Our Summer' to protect his plush pad.

He said: ''I've got mine in the top bedroom. We threw it in there when it first came.

''And I walked down to the bottom of the garden, turned around and thought, 'Who's that in my bedroom? What's going on here?'

''But now I've left it in there because security wise, if anyone comes in it is perfect.''

Peter also recently admitted he felt ''close to death'' after jumping out of a plane in a stunt for the BBC show.

He explained: ''I felt close to death.

''I felt confident the whole way through and as soon as we got to jumping out I lost it.

''My feet were like blocks of ice, which took the enjoyment out of it.

''I've been close to death on a few occasions [on the show], and it's not been fun, it's been excruciating at times!''