Abbey Clancy "spoke from the heart" when she renewed her wedding vows with Peter Crouch.

The loved up couple - who got married in 2011 - went to the Maldives for the magical day on December 17th, and the 36-year-old model admitted she didn't actually plan what she was going to say at the ceremony.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I hadn't prepared any vows; I just spoke from the heart.

"Pete said some incredibly words to me; we were both nearly in tears. It was so special to bless our 11 years of marriage. It felt like a fairytale."

At the event, the couple - who have kids Sophia, 11, Liberty, seven, Johnny, five, and three-year-old Jack together - recreated their original first dance to 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own' by U2, Abbey's favourite band, and she joked she was hoping frontman Bono might show up.

She quipped: "I was waiting for Bono to make an appearance, but he didn't.

"The kids danced all night, they were rolling in the sand; everyone was having the best time."

The special day has given Peter and Abbey a chance to reflect on 11 years of marriage, and their relationship since they first started dating in 2006.

Peter explained: "We've come so far and I'm actually move in love now after all this time.

"Ab is my best friend and our wedding in 2011 was a wonderful event, but this was so much more chilled, relaxed, romantic - and a lot of fun."

Abbey echoed her husband's sweet sentiments, and added: "Pete is literally my best friend. We do everything together."

The pair's ceremony took place under an arch of white roses, which was also present at their 2011 wedding, which was at the Stapleford Park hotel in Leicestershire.

Abbey joked former Liverpool and Aston Villa star Peter has earned himself "brownie points for the next few years" following the romantic ceremony.