It looks like AC/DC fans can breathe a sigh of relief, because rumors of the band’s imminent end appear to be greatly exaggerated. The rumors first surfaced on Monday in Australia, claiming that the band was on the verge of retirement, due to one member’s serious illness. According to Billboard, the speculation emerged from comments made by entertainment commentator Peter Ford on radio station 3AW that “we may not hear them perform or record ever again”.

For now it's safe to assume that AC/DC are not splitting up.

Today it looks like the media jumped the gun on this one. A report from Billboad clarified the situation. Australia's adds that the source of the retirement rumor was an email sent to Perth radio station 6PR from an anonymous tipster using the handle Thunderstruck. In a peculiar media round of broken telephone, the station then spread the report and it was picked up by various outlets first throughout Australia and then across the world.

AC/DC have always been excellent at communicating to their fans, so it's safe to assume that they'd make the announcement themselves.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that AC/DC aren’t planning to split – the band’s management and current label Columbia Records have denied comment, however the sources of the original report now seem less than reliable. For more news on the matter, watch this space. 

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