For the nominees who were truly humbled by their Oscar nomination but know full well that they wont win, aside from an incredible night in Hollywood surrounded by their biggest inspirations, they'll also walk away with an incredible gift bag filled with $45k's worth of stuff. 

Indeed, who needs a golden statuette when you can get a vampire facelift for free? Or a bottle of windex? Or a pack of branded condoms? Yes, these really are some items in this year's goody bags. We can laugh at these while we pootle home from the birthday parties our children have been to, bringing back bags filled with some squashed cake and enough sugar-filled sweets to see the children bouncing off the walls for a few days. What is a 'vampire facelift', anyway? 

There are a few items included, however, that we can't laugh at... that, in fact, will induce an uncomfortable shade of green springing to our cheeks, matching the envy in our guts. The consolation gifts inspiring our jealousy this year are: a $12k trip to Australia, a $4k weight loss retreat and an $8,000 stay in Mexico. Even the slightly odd 'circus classes' and the $1,800 membership for the Heathrow luxury lounge wouldn't go a miss. 

As ABC reports, Lash Fary, of Distinctive Assets who put the bags together, said: "Even Hollywood's most acclaimed stars are disappointed over this particular loss [missing out on an Oscar] and when our consolation gift shows up the next day, we like to think it is welcome distraction."