If you know who Action Bronson is then you probably know that in a life before rap took the reigns he was a chef. And he still is. But just for the love of it. He hosts Vice’s ‘F*ck That’s Delicious’ and will talk about food whenever you give him an opening.

Action Bronson

His Instagram profile, ‘bambambaklava’ with over 270k followers, was recently flooded with the most decadent meal you’ve ever seen. We’re talking everything from roasted bone marrow to a flower tart, not to mention the LIVE langoustine. In total, Bronson tore through 25 mini-courses from an extravagent taster menu at Noma, Copenhagen. 

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The restaurant, famous for its reinvention and interpretation of Nordic Cuisin has two Michelin stars and is run by chef René Redzepi. It runs out of an old warehouse situated on the waterfront in the trendy Christianshavn area of Copenhagen. It won the Restaurant magazine award for Best Restaurant three years in a row – no wonder Bronson had such a good time there. 

Here are some highlights from the ridiculous sit down:

Sea Urchin with Hazelnuts

Course Two Langoustine (Alive)

Course Five - Hay Smoked Quail Egg

Blackberries and Cherries in a Seaweed broth with Cured Turbot Roe

Dessert - Rhubarb Rose wit Creme Fraiche in Apple Broth 

This guy knows how to eat. Check the other courses out here.