Adam Ant regrets removing his stage outfit and dressing in a formal suit for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, because the British monarch failed to recognise him.
The '80s icon donned his trademark flamboyant costume and famous face make-up to sing his hit Antmusic at the Royal Variety Performance in 1981.
But, after taking advice from his pal Liza Minnelli, the singer changed into more formal clothes to meet Her Majesty afterwards - and was left mortified when she didn't recognise him.
The Prince Charming hitmaker tells British magazine OK!, "I met the Queen after the Royal Variety Performance. I became friends with Liza Minnelli and she said: 'Take your outfit and make-up off and wear a suit, and diamonds from Bond Street.'
"So I met the Queen like that and she said: 'Hello, Adam. I didn't recognise you without your make-up! I'm sure you don't want to be playing to fuddy-duddies like me!'"