Adam Ant wants James Franco to play him in a film about his life.

The 'Prince Charming' singer is developing a biopic about his life and thinks the '127 Hours' star has exactly the right look to play him.

He said: ''They dressed him up for a magazine spread wearing all my stuff and he did look exactly like me.''

Adam's career has been through ups and downs as he has suffered from bipolar disorder - which has seen him sectioned under the UK's mental health act - but says he was never tempted by illegal drugs during his career.

He explained: ''I just thought it was a bit old hat, a bit of a hippy dippy experience.''

Adam was also sectioned after an incident when he threw a car alternator through the window of a pub, and threatened people with a starter pistol, something he says he regrets.

He told The Times newspaper: ''I was in a state of hypermania, where it was like a film. It was the biggest mistake of my life.''

Although he adds: ''When I read about Johnny Cash and Nina Simone and some of the episodes they had, it puts it into perspective.''