British singer Adam Ant was once rude to Michael Jackson when the pop legend surprised him with a phone call.

The Prince Charming hitmaker reveals the King of Pop once called him to ask about a jacket worn in his iconic Stand and Deliver video, but the singer was convinced the call was a prank.

He tells America's Npr radio, "I did actually receive a phone call from Michael Jackson and I thought it was a joke. I thought it was my drummer, Terry, so I wasn't particularly polite. But it was actually Michael. He basically came out and said, 'Where did you get the jacket from? I'd like to have a look at one.' So I gave him the details, and I think he had one made in white."

Ant reveals the Thriller hitmaker forgave him for his rude comments and they bonded over their shared love of clothing and costumes when the Brit later visited him in California.

He adds, "Eventually when I went to Los Angeles we met up and we talked about clothes quite a great length during the course of a day at his home. He was still living with his parents."

Jackson died in 2009.