Adam Driver found it "easy" to work with Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley.

The 40-year-old actor can next be seen as Enzo Ferrari in 'Ferrari', while the Spanish star plays his wife Laura Ferrari and the 'Big Little Lies' actress appears as his mistress, Lina Lardi, and Adam insisted they didn't need to do much to prepare because his co-stars are such "really great actors".

Asked how he approached bonding with the women, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Leading up to it, it wasn't something we talked about.

"I've felt that when you're working with really great actors there's not a lot of ... there's kind of a shorthand that immediately kind of happens. There's immediate respect and they're both actors who are very present, and they're not anywhere else.

"They're right there with you, so in a way it's easy. Then just playing the scenes 'cause the script is so strong."

Meanwhile, Penelope was "sad" to barely see Shailene on set because they didn't have any scenes together, so they only had contact during the table read and again when the 49-year-old actress shot a scene with paparazzi.

She said: "That's the only day we saw each other. I love her work so much. I was sad not to have any scenes with her and have everything with Adam."

For Shailene, she hailed making the movie "life-changing" because she "learned so much" from director Michael Mann.

She gushed: "The opportunity to work with somebody who has spent a lifetime dedicated to perfecting and mastering a craft, it's a rare thing.

"The world is very fleeting at the moment; people's attention span is all over the place, and Michael is dedicated and devoted to every single aspect of the process. Even now in the marketing side of this film.

"I learned so much working with him because I'd never - even in life, in general, outside of this industry - been around someone who was so absolutely able to focus on every single attention of detail. It was a life-changing experience."