Adam Driver is able to "relate" to Enzo Ferrari.

The 40-year-old actor plays the founder of the luxury sports car manufacturer in the new biopic 'Ferrari', and Adam has revealed that he relished the role.

Speaking to Sky News, he shared: "By the time we meet him, he was very proud of being a self-made man ... he was very specific and particular, constantly looking up how it could be more economical ... and that's a quest that I relate to.

"How I worked on films when I was 20 ... I see so much wasted energy, you know, that I was focusing on the wrong thing."

Adam also loved being involved in a character-driven movie.

He explained: "So many people - and you know me too - complain how wouldn't it be great to again see a character-driven story where spectacle takes a back seat ... and I feel like it doesn't happen often, so I'm very happy to be here talking about this movie."

'Ferrari' is directed by Michael Mann and Adam recently described him as "one of the greatest filmmakers of all time".

The actor told "His movies I've returned to again and again, and they've been a massive inspiration for me.

"He has incredible taste, and I'm not saying that because I got the part, but his tastes in subject matter and how he shoots things, I love. So, when you trust a director's taste, you feel way more confident that they're making the movie that they want to make.

"He was someone that, just on a personal level, I am incredibly moved by."