Ever since the release of Maroon 5's 2012 smash hit, Overexposed, the most common criticism given was that it sounds like it might as well be a solo album for frontman Adam Levine. Though pop heavy and unapologetically radio friendly, it didn't stray too far away from what Maroon 5 sounded like their entire career. But as time went on, so did rumors of Levine deciding to go solo and leaving Maroon 5 in the dust. Obviously, with the band's new album, V, scheduled for release on September 2, Levine probably isn't going to go solo anytime soon -- but is it completely out of the question?

Adam Levine Wango TangoAdam Levine will have three solo songs on the soundtrack to Begin Again

With Maroon 5's new single, 'Maps,' expected to drop any day now, the cries of it possibly sounding like Adam-solo have surfaced once again. But he's never been solo, so how does anyone know what that sounds like in the first place? While we'll have to wait just a little longer to see what the new single is all about, what did come to light was news that Levine's record label, 222 Records, would be partnering with Interscope Records. 222 was founded by Levine in 2012 and includes a roster with the likes of Rozzi Crane, Matthew Morrison, and Tony Lucca. Crane, who is best known for his feature on Maroon 5's Hunger Games track, 'Come Away to the Water,' will be the first new artist to release an album through the partnership. However, before then, the soundtrack to Levine's new movie, Begin Again, will be released through the label on July 1.

Set to hit theaters on June 27, Begin Again finds Levine as Dave, the boyfriend of Gretta (Kiera Knightley) who lands a big time record deal. Being a music-themed movie and all, it's only fair that Levine does some performing. We're getting much more than that. On the upcoming soundtrack, Levine has three of his songs on it, and it's pretty much the first time we've ever seen a proper solo release from him. While no full songs are out yet, 'Lost Stars' is previewed in a new Begin Again trailer, and it's the exact opposite of anything we'd expect -- but it's also as good as we could imagine. Starting off as acoustic ballad and exploding into a ridiculous chorus with falsetto, it's obvious that the solo thing suits him PERFECTLY ... and it's pretty convenient that the songs will be released through his newly Interscope'd record label.

Maroon 5 PerformingLevine's 'Lost Stars' is shaping up to be pretty awesome

Now, it's completely possible that the Interscope partnership doesn't mean anything and the songs that will be included on Begin Again's soundtrack offer no glimpse into a solo Levine future, but it's still fun to think about, especially with how stylistically different the tracks are from regular Maroon 5 material. With how good that preview sounds and the anticipation now for the other two tracks, it's hard not to think about the future if Maroon 5 someday decides to close up shop. However, until that day does come, we at least get to appreciate not only new Maroon 5, but new Levine as well, and it all sounds good to us.

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