SNL has always strived to make things more lively and interesting with various guest hosts and after Jennifer Lawrence took the wheel last week for quite a funny (in a good way) go at hosting, it is now Adam Levine’s turn.

The Maroon 5 frontman has already been on SNL as a musical guest along with his band, but this will be both his first solo performance as well as his first comedy gig, but it actually won’t be the first time he’s taken to acting. Levine recently ended his term on American Horror Story, where he played Leo and although the part wasn’t all too challenging and didn’t really involve a lot of speaking, the singer managed to impress director and cast with his “natural charisma”. Of course, charisma is one thing and improve skills are in a whole different league altogether, but Levine will certainly need both to pass the live show test with flying colors.

Regardless, we, like many a Maroon 5 fangirl have a soft spot for the doe-eyed falsetto vocalist, so fingers are firmly crossed that he gets the tone right and it ends up being actually funny. Surely, the hosting gig will include a couple of musical numbers, but during the show, Levine will also step down a couple of times, giving up the stage to an entirely different musical guest – rap's current golden boy Kendrick Lamar. Now, if that isn’t an odd mix, we don’t know what is!