Hard-headed tactics, nail-biting decisions and some truly A-grade talent; so began The Voice season six battle rounds where audience favourites were sent home, judges fought over the best candidates and the remaining contestants sang their hearts out for a chance to progress to the next stage.

The Voice US Judges
The Judges Had Some Tough Decisions To Make This Week.

The last two night's episodes (17th and 18th March) were particularly cutthroat: the battle round sees two contestants from the same team pitted against each other with the coach choosing only one. It's not the end of the road for the singer who doesn't get picked though as the rejected can be stolen by other coaches. The coaches can retain only six contestants from their original team and two more can be added from the steal.

Shakira Was Involved In A Steal-Off With Adam...And Lost.

We wouldn't have like to have been Usher when he made the decision to drop Brittnee over Melissa in the battle of the divas. Both singers pulled off extremely talented battles and Usher admitted that he was so proud of them that he regretted putting them together. Unfortunately a decision had to be made and he favoured Melissa, leaving Brittnee's fate to be determined by the other judges.

Luckily, the singer's talent hadn't gone unnoticed by Adam and Shakira who both hit their buttons to save Brittnee. She decided to go with Adam, whose team she'll be on for the rest of the season. It was a pretty canny choice from Brittnee, who has no doubt noticed that Mr. Levine is bringing his A-game to this season and isn't taking any prisoners in his quest for Voice victory.

Blake Shelton
Blake Made Some Solid Choices, Including Choosing Megan Over The Inexperienced Ria.

It was a battle of the service industry roles for donut shop boy Caleb and Starbucks barista, Delvin who went head-to-head to impress Adam. The judge hadn't been overwhelmed by the guys' rehearsal performances of Aloe Blacc's 'The Man' and picked holes in their stage rendition too. "It's a very big deal that you guys got to this point," Levine said before he selected Delvin.

Adam Levine
Adam Levine Stole The Talented Brittnee From Shakira.

After another tough and tense battle, Blake Shelton saved the mohawked Megan over teen Ria. Shelton seemed to take a backseat this episode as his fellow judges rocked social media with their controversial decisions and team-playing tactics.

Meanwhile, team Shakira's Clarissa and Jeremy from Team fought it out with a chillingly good performance of 'Cold As Ice.' Both singers showed the hunger and potential to go further but Clarissa had the edge - probably as a result of her prominence during the blind auditions. Additionally, Shakira decided to play it safe with lounge singer Ddendyl, who showed all the signs of being able the go the distance this season.

What do you think? Were the right decisions made?

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