Adam Sandler struggles to sing his tribute song to Chris Farley.

The actor, 56, usually ends his stand-up shows with a rendition of ‘The Chris Farley Song’, in memory of the late comedian who was killed by a drugs overdose in December 1997 aged 33.

Adam said during a recent appearance on the ‘Happy Sad Confused’ podcast about the tune: “I’ve sung it maybe a hundred times already, but it rocks me.

“I think it’s because we show video of Chris, and I see his face, and I remember his dad, and I remember I’m friends with his brothers and his mom and everybody, and they still miss him a lot. So, yeah, it gets me.”

He added when he talks about Chris during his stand-up comedy his remarks get the biggest applause of the show, saying: “Every time I mentioned his name... the audience go nuts.”

The actor also told how his friend David Spade, 58, also gets emotional over mentions of Chris when he makes cameos during Adam’s comedy shows.

He said: “He’s like, ‘Man, I can’t sometimes. I can’t listen. I got to walk away because I get so upset,’ because we loved him, we loved him so much.”

This month marks 25 years since former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Chris was found dead by his younger brother John at his Chicago home.