What we’ve assumed was true for a long time has now been confirmed: Adam Sandler is the most overpaid actor in the world, yielding the least amount of cash for the money he earns. Forbes, who did the maths and put everything into a handy list for everyone to peruse, bestowed the unwanted gong upon Hollywood's so called funnyman. But don’t worry there’s no awards ceremony for an achievement like this, just sarcastic news stories, a few memes and a big bag of Cheese Puffs for the list's #1.

Adam Sandler'Hey Sandler! you stink!' someone might have said once

So let’s look at some numbers: his last three films returned an average of $3.40 for every $1 he was paid. Last year, Natalie Portman earned $42.70 per dollar according to Forbes' most profitable actors list, just to give you some context.

Among the key offenders in Sandler’s turkey list are That's My Boy, which cost an estimated $70 million to make but ending up costing more with returns of just $57m. Jack and Jill, which managed to accumulate just 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, was another box office flop, even though it surpassed its budget in the global market.

If there’s any consolation for Sandler, other than his riches, multiple houses, ability to do pretty much anything he wants and celebrity buddies, is that last year’s most overpaid actor – Eddie Murphy only returned $2.30-per-dollar.

Second on the list this year was Katherine Heigl, whose recent films Killers and One for the Money didn’t enjoy their box office outing at all. Reese Witherspoon was third, with $3.90-per-dollar, while Nicolas Cage ($6) and Kevin James ($6.10) make up the top 5.

Steve CarrellWe can't imagine Carrell would be in the list if Despicable Me 2 was included

To be fair to Sandler though, and any good actors on the list (Denzel Washington, Steve Carrell and Matt Damon all feature in the top ten), the list doesn’t count some recent successes. In Sandler’s case, this is Grown Ups 2, which performed much better than the films Forbes did count. Oh well.