Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 has been universally panned by critics. The movie is released today (12th July) in US cinemas. Early reviews indicate the movie will be a huge success with teenagers across the States but will do anything but impress grown-ups.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler at the New York premiere of Grown Ups 2.

New York Post's Sara Stewart said the film "lurches from one gross-out scene to another" without any regard for "continuity or logic". Following in a similar line of thought is Claudia Puig of USA Today, who said Grown Ups 2 is "lazy, scattershot and anything-but-mature". 

On the rare occasions the critics have praised the movie it is merely because of Sandler's return to "infantile anarchy". 

There's just nothing new or innovative about Grown Ups 2. It's unpleasant, filled with toilet humour and generally cringe worthy. So if that's what you find amusing then Grown Ups 2 is the film for you, however, if it's not then consider yourself duly warned. 

Alongside Sandler, Grown Ups 2 stars comedy veterans David Spade (Rules Of Engagement), Kevin James (King Of Queens) and Chris Rock (What To Expect When You're Expecting). Salma Hayek (Frida) also stars in the film, evidently suffering from a temporary lapse of judgement.

Watch the Grown Ups 2 Trailer:

The film continues following the antics of the Grown Ups group, Lenny (Sandler) moves back to his hometown to raise his children. A great deal of hilarity ensues including encounters with old high school bullies; irate bus drivers and hundreds of party crashers. 

Grown Ups 2 is released in US cinemas today (Friday 12th July). UK cinema goers will have to wait until 9th August.

David Spade 
David Spade at the New York premiere of Grown Ups 2.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek at the premiere of Grown Ups 2.