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12th June 2012

Fact: Adam Horovitz will make his first public performance since the death of his Beastie Boys bandmate Adam Yauch at a benefit concert in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday (12Jun12). The gig is being held to raise money for the imprisoned members of Russian feminist band Pussy Riot, who were charged with hooliganism after performing a "punk prayer service" at a church in Moscow. Yauch, known as Mca, lost his cancer battle in May (12).

11th June 2012

Fact: Rapper Yelawolf paid tribute to late hip-hop icon Adam Yauch at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee on Friday night (08Jun12) by including a medley of three Beastie Boys songs in his set.

18th May 2012

Fact: Graffiti artists have paid a fitting tribute to late Beastie Boys rapper Adam 'MCA' YAUCH by spray-painting the words "Mca Gratitude" on the side of a building in his native Brooklyn, New York.

5th May 2012

Quote: "Adam and the Boys put us on our first tour 25 years and 79 tours ago. They were essential to our beginning, middle and today. Adam especially was unbelievable in our support from then 'til now, even allowing me to induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I consider myself a strong man and my father says be prepared to lose many in your post-50 path of life. Still, I'm a bit teary-eyed leaving this plane. R.I.P. Adam aka Mca." Public Enemy star Chuck D responds to the passing of Beastie Boys legend Adam Yauch on Friday (04May12).

5th May 2012

Tweet: "This morning I lost a great friend, a brother and a legendary bandmate, Adam Yauch. I will miss him so deeply." The Beastie Boys' longtime collaborator Mix Master Mike on the passing of Adam Yauch.

5th May 2012

Quote: "Adam Yauch brought a lot of positivity into the world and I think it's obvious to anyone how big of an influence the Beastie Boys were on me and so many others. They are trailblazers and pioneers and Adam will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, Mike D, and Ad-Rock." Eminem pays tribute to late Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch, who died on Friday (04May12).

5th May 2012

Quote: "May a great musical pioneer rest in peace. Our prayers go out to his family, as his hip hop family mourns our loss and celebrates his life." Rapper Jay Z honours Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch following his tragic death from cancer on Friday (04May12).

9th February 2011

Quote: "That Notebook. I don't care if you're Satan, you're gonna cry. American filmmakers really know how to make a good tear-jerker. I'm not really the Prince of Darkness, I'm a loving, cuddly guy." Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is not ashamed of crying at Ryan Gosling and Rachel MCAdams' romantic drama The Notebook.

2nd February 2011

Fact: Woody Allen's new movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS has been selected to open the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. The romantic comedy, starring Owen Wilson, Rachel MCAdams and Marion Cotillard, also features a small cameo by France's first lady, model-turned-singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The annual event kicks off in France on 11 May (11).

22nd October 2010

Fact: Elton John and Lady GaGa are teaming up to record a duet for upcoming Disney film Gnomeo & Juliet, starring James MCAvoy and Emily Blunt.

14th October 2010

Quote: "Mike is back mixing his record, which means Adam Y is feeling better. Yeah!" Director Tamra Davis reveals her husband, Beastie Boys star Adam Yauch, is winning his battle with cancer. The rapper was diagnosed with a tumour in his parotid gland last summer (09).

20th August 2010

Fact: Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts are top computer security threats, according to a new study. Researchers at security software maker MCAfee Inc. claim searching for details about the two stars online could lure browsers to malicious websites, and in turn infect your computer. They are the stars cyber criminals recognise as being the most perfect lures to suckers, according to the study.

1st April 2006

Quote: "I think most people know it's a goof." THE BEASTIE BOYS star Adam Yauch insists the rap trio were never intended to be taken seriously.

17th January 2006

Quote: <p>"They were very bad boys - they said f**k all the time onstage (and) the audience always booed them... I thought they were so adorable. I think I made out with Adam Yauch once in their dressing room." Madonna remembers touring with the Beastie Boys in 1985. </p>

29th September 2005

Quote: <p>"We say a lot of s**t about each other behind each other's backs." Adam Yauch on how the Beastie Boys have managed to stay together for over 20 years. </p>

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