Adele wants to make one movie - and thinks she would "nail" it.

While the 'I Drink Wine' hitmaker insisted she isn't interested in an acting career, she is holding out hope that a secret project with herself at the centre of it will eventually come to fruition.

Asked if she's considered acting, she told The Hollywood Reporter: "No. There is one movie I want to do, but the guy whose movie it would be, he’s not mentally ready to write the script for it."

Pushed on if it is is someone people know, she added: "Yeah. I’m not giving you no clues, though. But I bug him every now and then about it, but he’s just not there yet. But that’s the only role I ever want. Because I think I’d nail it. I think I’d do really, really, really good at it."

Adele went on to confirm it isn't a biopic, and she insisted that would be too "obvious" a move for her to make.

She said: "See, I get offered that all the time. I get offered to do biopics of singers, and I think that’s too obvious. And also anyone that’s great enough to have a biopic about them, you’re just setting yourself up for disaster.

"Then would they want me to sing as myself? Because then it would sound like me, it wouldn’t sound like them. So I wouldn’t do it. But that’s all I’ve been offered, really."

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old singer revealed she secretly offers advice and guidance to young pop stars.

She said: "I’m not going to say who they are — I see a lot of the girls, up-and-coming singers, I get in touch with them because no one ever did that to me, gave me any advice or any secret nuggets of truth or tricks of how to survive it in any way. So I have them ’round and we have some wine and I talk to them.

"Even if you’re really close with your team, your team can’t relate to you suddenly being thrust out of your life and thrown onto the public stage. And that saying, 'You have your whole life to write your first album and you have six months to write your second.' That pressure was quite strange. And also your hobby becomes your job, which sounds really great, but your relationship with your hobby changes."

However, although Adele likes the idea of taking a hands-on role with someone's career, she couldn't formalise the relationship.

She laughed: "So I really like supporting the girls. Sometimes I would love to go into management, but I can’t work with talent. I say that as one — we are a nightmare."