It was very exciting to see a clip of Adele as the latest guest in 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment, but we had no idea it was going to be THIS awesome. A sneak preview saw her crooning out renditions of her own hits 'Hello' and 'Rolling In The Deep', but it only got better from there.

AdeleAdele opens up to James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

After James Corden hilariously introduced the clip by pretending to be on the phone to Adele using lines from her smash hit 'Hello' from the album '25', Adele joined him in the car for a singing session and a good chat as Carpool Karaoke hit the UK for the first time. 'It's such a shame that it's raining because I feel like Americans are going to assume that England is rubbish', Adele says. And so they follow up 'Hello' with a few more of her biggest vocal tunes: 'Someone like You', 'All I Ask' and 'Rolling In The Deep'.

Adele looks shocked and impressed by James Corden's flawless harmonies during 'Hello', while Corden looks equally surprised when she reveals that she plays the drums on the song, before downing a cup of tea which was spilling out of her cup. She also confessed that she got drunk while waiting for a friend at a restaurent over Christmas, and ended up buying a meal for a nearby family who were celebrating a birthday. Not only that, but she promised another family from Nashville tickets to her sold-out show in the Tennessee city.

Watch Carpool Karaoke with Adele here:

Plus, After revealing that she used to be a huge fan of Spice Girls, they did a rather hilarious rendition of 'Wannabe' together. She even showed off her rapping skills with Nicki Minaj's verse in Kanye West's 'Monster', with James Corden subsequently suggesting that he could be her 'hype man' during the bigger numbers.

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The Grammy winning star revealed that she won't be naming any more albums after her age. 'I want my fans to come on a journey with me and that's one of the reasons I name my albums after my age', she said. 'They're polaroids, almost, of my life at that time. This is the last album after my age, I believe in trilogies.'

A disappointed Corden admitted he was hoping for '77' and, to be truthful, so were we.