So everyone reckons that Adele's going to walk away with an Oscar this weekend and, given that she's performing on Sunday (February 24, 2013) at the event, as part of a 50th anniversary James Bond special, it would certainly cap a magical night for the British singer.

Adele Golden Globes

Not so fast Adele, you ain't won yet

But hold on just a second there, she's got some competition to beat first if she's going to take home a much-coveted statuette. There are four other songs in with a chance of taking home the best original song in a film award, so why don't you have a gander below and see which one - if any - could topple the British sensation.

Before My Time (from Chasing Ice)

Chasing Ice is an afterthought in the rest of the Oscar categories, but this song, written by J. Ralph, and featuring Scarlett Johansson on vocals is a poignant wee ditty indeed. A stripped back affair, it consists largely of only a piano, a violin and Johnasson's rich voice. We reckon the lack of profile the film has elsewhere will probably deny it, but it's a beautiful song. 

Everybody Needs A Best Friend (from Ted)

Seth Macfarlane's smug grin's only going to get smugger if this takes the crown on Sunday night. A bit of a swing affair, with music by Walter Murphy and lyrics by MacFarlane, it fits the taste of the director and creator of Ted, and is a lively, plucky number. But we think it's lacking a little in gravitas to take the win here, though undeniably entertaining. 

Pi's Lullaby (from Pi)

An undeniable tear-jerker in an undeniably tear-jerking film, we've got a hunch this one might upset the applecart. There are no particularly big names attached to this piece of music, but it's an elegant, graceful, touching piece that has its roots in middle eastern culture, before spreading out to other styles. Could cause a shock. 

Suddenly (from Les Miserables)

Absolutely not. Please God no. Hugh Jackman sang this in the film, and though we're loathe to agree with Adam Lambert, when he said the film was ruined because of the poor singing by the actors, it's tracks like this that heartily prove his point. It's awful.