You may have seen interesting TV programme has been touted around Channel 4 ad breaks recently. We say interesting - we mean bizarre. "Cure Me I'm Gay" - set to air in the UK tonight (March 19, 2014) follows the openly gay TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen who travels to America to test therapies that purport to "cure" homosexuality.

Cure Me I'm GayDr Christian Jessen Encounters Controversial Ex-Doctor John Smid, in Texas

There, he encounters John Smid, a retired doctor from Texas who claims to be able to turn a gay person, straight. According to reports in the newspapers today, Smid claims that music by British songstress Adele is very popular with the gay community and encourages homosexuality - asking Jessen to instead listen to Christian music.

The galling treatments that Dr Jessen encounters include aversion therapy (which was actually offered on the NHS into the 1980s), gay rehab, reparative therapy and deliverance. 

The problem with the programme is that Jessen is no Louis Theroux and his inexperience in documentary filmmaking and this type of journalist leaves him unable to maintain an emotional distance from the subject matter. As The Telegraph's Gabriel Tate explains in her preview of the show, "There's also a feeling that he lets his quarries off the hook: while unmasking arrant nonsense is easy enough, he doesn't really challenge, or engage, with their arguments face to face."

Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I'm Gay is on Channel 4 tonight, 18 March, at 10.00pm.

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