At 24 years old, Adele could definitely be said to be “doing alright for herself.” With enough awards on the mantelpiece to tumble the sturdiest of fire surrounds, Adele has also been announced as the richest young musician (under 30) in the UK, with an estimated fortune of around £30 million. Whilst you’re no doubt busily pondering what you would do with that much money, if your bank account was £30 million in the black, allow us to share the fortunes of some other UK pop stars.

Cheryl Cole is second, though there’s a significant gap between the two, with a fortune of £14 million, and Leona Lewis. The singer Katie Melua is worth £12 million, apparently, which must mean she’s been really savvy with her investments, surely, because we can’t remember the last time she experienced any serious chart success. Florence Welch seems to be onto a nice little earner, too, with £9 million in the bank. The One Direction lads have a tidy collective fortune of £25 million – that’s around £5 million each. Not bad when you’re still in your teens, eh.

Even Adele would be weeping with joy, however, if she had the fortunes of the UK’s real big guns at her disposal. Sir Paul McCartney and his partner Nancy Shevell have a combined fortune of a staggering £680 million. For the record, we reckon that Paul brought most of that to the relationship with him. Like, £679.9 million of it. 

Adele: panicking, as there's no room on the mantelpiece for the Oscar?