British rocker Bez is convinced humans are controlled by a secret society and Adolf Hitler was a "double agent" working for Britain.

The Happy Mondays wildman stunned fans in March (14) by announcing he is moving in to politics and will be running as a Member of Parliament for his native Salford, England in next year's (15) election.

He has already called for a "revolution" in the U.K. and joined an anti-fracking protest, but now he has opened up about his belief in a range of bizarre conspiracy theories - including blaming the global banking system for the world's shortage of bees.

The dancer/percussionist praises controversial conspiracy theorist David Icke, supports the fear that an 'Illuminati' group of powerful figures secretly controls the world, and insists feared dictators Hitler and Joseph Stalin were really British agents.

Bez, real name Mark Berry, tells Q magazine, "It's the bankers' fault (that bees are dying out). The bankers and the big corporations are all raping and pillaging the world for their own profits. They control the world, not the politicians... It's a Freemason Illuminati plot to control the world. It's part of a banking system which goes back three hundred years. Hitler was a British double agent who was working for them. So was Stalin...

"I'm a great supporter of David Icke. He's an activist for the human race... (Critics are) just trying to discredit him. I can back up everything I say. I could say more, I know all their names... I've probably signed me own death warrant. I'm making people aware of what's really going on. It's not just Salford which needs saving, it's the whole world. And I intend to bring the whole Matrix down."