Actor Adrien Brody has penned an open letter to a New York government official in an effort to win a carriage horse ban in the city.
The Pianist star was shaken when Oreo, a black and white carriage horse, sprinted through midtown Manhattan last month (Aug12) and collided with a car, spilling two tourists and his driver, who suffered a broken leg, out onto the street after being spooked by construction noise.
The accident highlighted the plight of activists who believe horses do not belong on the Big Apple's busy streets, and it also prompted Brody to write a letter to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, asking her to outlaw the practice, which puts animals and people at risk.
An excerpt of the Oscar winner's letter, written in partnership with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, reads, "A horse and carriage belong on a deserted country road or in a small village, not in a big city filled with blaring noise, throngs of people, air pollution and fleets of taxis - where accidents are inevitable."
The actor is not the only celebrity to push for a law against the use of horse drawn carriages - Glee star Lea Michelle, actress Kathy Najimy and singer Pink have also been very vocal about ending the age-old practice.