Adrien Brody is to star in Wes Anderson's new movie.

The Oscar-winning actor has collaborated with the filmmaker on his latest project 'The French Dispatch' and will join co-stars Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton on the upcoming movie, which will be shot in Spain.

Little is known about the project other than the fact that Wes is both writing and directing. It will mark the fifth time that Adrien, 48, will have teamed up with the filmmaker – having previously featured in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' and 'The Darjeeling Limited'.

Bill is also a frequent collaborator with the acclaimed director after working on nine other projects together and he revealed that they've become great friends over the years – even though he has never watched Anderson's directorial debut 'Bottle Rocket'.

The 70-year-old star said: "I’ve been very fortunate to work with Wes on all of his other movies, except for that one I haven’t seen.

"At first, it was an afterthought, but we’ve become great friends. He really makes movie-making an experience. I used to envy those old-timers who went to Hawaii and shot Hurricane, and they had to stay in Hawaii for five and a half months for a good storm. That was living. That was really being a movie actor, back then. But Wes’ movies are similar.

"We go to a place, we take over a small place, and that’s all you do, is the movie. There’s nothing else, but making that movie and being with the people that are making that movie."