Aerosmith have released the video for their latest single ‘What Could Have Been Love’ and they’re really playing up to the ‘classic rock’ tag, with a video stuffed full of classic rock signifiers. Classic American convertible car? Song being played on radio of aforementioned convertible car? Check! Bit of a bar-room brawl? Check! Prominent bottle of tequila? Check! Beautiful women looking sultry in smoky bar? Check! Beautiful young men selected to act out the love interest, because the band members are now all old enough to collect their pensions and the record label’s still clinging onto the notion that sex sells? Check!

The band will be releasing their 15th studio album, Music From Another Dimension, on November 6, 2012 – it’s their first studio album release in 11 years, though Steven Tyler joked “it’s not that it took 10 years, but that we were busy getting ready.” Joe Perry said “This is the album we wanted to make since the band got back together in 1984… Can’t complain about number one singles or album-driven sold-out world tours, as we blaze the Aerosmith trail with our fans. But this is the record that when the five of us are in a room yelling turn up the volume, that room could be 1325 Commonwealth Avenue (a reference to the apartment that the band used to share together).”

Aerosmith have clearly decided against breaking the mould in the 11 years since they last released any new material and instead have opted for the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach to their new songs. So, if you’re a fan of emotive key changes framed by noodling guitar solos (i.e. if you’re a fan of Aerosmith, generally), you’ll love ‘What Could Have Been Love.’

Check out the video for 'What Could Have Been Love' here!