Aidan Turner would sometimes find sex scenes "awkward" to film.

The 40-year-old actor is now starring as a top tennis coach accused of abuse in Amazon Prime drama 'Fifteen-Love' alongside Ella Lily Hyland, and explained had it not been for the advent of intimacy coordinators on sets in recent years, he would still find it uneasy shooting racy scenes.

He told "It was an important story to tell. I just think that vehicle of who has the burden of proof, as the audience, who do we believe and why one character over another? They’re both speaking their own truth, and who do we call out on being the liar?’ It’s just a few years ago when it wouldn’t be commonplace to have an intimacy coordinator on set. And then a few years before that, I mean, the term wasn’t even known.

It was awkward in some moments. Not always, but directors, I found in my experience, weren’t always great at doing that."

The 'Hobbit' star went on allege that, in the past, actors were left to their own devices when it came to filming intimate scenes but insisted that for his current project, an intimacy coordinator was "absolutely" necessary.

He added: "They had the rough parameters of what they want, but then would slowly Homer Simpson back into the bush and disappear a little bit and then you’re left with just the two actors going, 'Okay, let’s figure this out. But in our story here, absolutely, we needed somebody.'

‘To have the scene do what it’s supposed to do, and not just a generic thing, whatever the intimacy of the scene is, to try and achieve that creatively with the intimacy coordinator you can really get into the depths of that with that physical movement."