‘Poldark’ star Aidan Turner has revealed how he found himself in a scary situation while filming scenes for last night’s episode of ‘Poldark’. During filming the actor was nearly bested by the Cornish tides, when his character Ross Poldark was meant to be rescuing Demelza.

Aidan TurnerAidan Turner narrowly escaped injury while filming ‘Poldark’

Speaking to the Radio Times, Turner said: “There’s nothing like the Cornish sea at the height of winter for putting you in your place. We were filming me lifting Demelza out of a boat in the actual sea when this huge wave picked up the boat and slammed it into my head. I dropped her in the water – not very Ross Poldark."

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“And nobody was coming to see if I’m OK. I was the man injured… But one of the underwater cameramen got cracked as well and he was concussed. These waves, you wouldn’t think there’s anything to them. But once you get out there you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature and she doesn’t care how well the previous season rated.”

Luckily Turner survived the scary ordeal and the actor is currently in Cornwall filming the period drama’s third series, set to air next year. The series will introduce some new characters, including Harry Richardson and Tom York playing Demelza's brothers Drake and Sam.

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Speaking about the third series earlier this month, writer Debbie Horsfield said: “Ross is older but not necessarily wiser, and his recklessness sometimes costs him, and his loved ones, dear. We're in for a rollercoaster ride where the stakes have never been higher.”