Get ready to be disappointed, female ‘Poldark’ fans: Aidan Turner is getting engaged. Reports in British newspaper The Sunday Express claim that the Irish actor popped the question to Sarah Greene, his girlfriend of three years, shortly after Christmas.

31 year old Turner apparently decided to propose to 29 year old Greene, also an actor, after she had spent the festive period with him at his parents’ home in Dublin. A source quoted by the paper says: “They are a really close and happy couple, and marriage is the logical next step for them.”

Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner and fiancee Sarah Greene earlier in 2015

“Sarah is perfect for him, she's very protective. Both of them don't really go for the glitzy side of showbusiness; they're happier spending quiet evenings playing Scrabble.”

The pair have remained solid despite their work commitments and Turner’s frequent long-term absences shooting movies abroad. Turner has himself said: “It's all we've ever known and it makes for good times when we meet up again and maybe have a month straight when we're both unemployed and watching movies every day.”

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BBC period drama ‘Poldark’ began airing three weeks ago, and Turner has garnered an awful lot of attention for his role as ruggedly handsome Ross, who returns from a foreign war to discover to find that his girlfriend has become engaged to another man. The first three episodes have generally featured lingering shots of Turner riding on horseback with his shirt off, attracting hordes of fans.

Greene, also a model as well as an actress, has starred on the stage alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the 2013 revival of the play ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’, and on the big screen in the 2014 movie Noble.

In addition to his current ‘Poldark’ role, Turner has also starred in all three of The Hobbit movies as Kili, and in the first three seasons of the BBC’s comedy-drama ‘Being Human’.

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