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Aimee Osbourne Reveals Why She Rejected Family Reality Show The Osbournes

Aimee Osbourne rejected the chance to be part of 'The Osbournes' because she didn't want to be remembered ''for being a teenager''. The eldest child of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne opted out of appearing in...

Aimee Osbourne Shares First Aro Song In Four Years

Aimee Osbourne has released her first single in four years under the moniker ARO.The eldest child of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has dropped 'Shared Something With The Night' alongside a music video helmed by Jon...

Ozzy Osbourne 'Spies' On Neighbours

Ozzy Osbourne flies drones over his neighbours' homes.The Black Sabbath star and his wife Sharon Osbourne enjoy ''spying'' on the nearby residents to ''see what they're all up to''.Speaking on Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell Breakfast...

Sharon Osbourne Snoops On Neighbours

Sharon Osbourne snoops on her neighbours. The 62-year-old TV host has admitted she and her rocker husband Ozzy Osbourne, whom she married in 1982, must be a nightmare to live next door to because they...

Aimee Osbourne: The Osbournes Was Silly

Aimee Osbourne has described 'The Osbournes' as ''very silly''.The eldest child of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne opted not to be a part of the MTV reality show which followed the lives of her parents and...

Aimee Osbourne Finds Fame 'Scary'

Aimee Osbourne finds fame ''intimidating'' and ''scary''.Aimee, the eldest daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and TV personality Sharon Osbourne, is embarking on a career as a singer, but admitted she is apprehensive about becoming famous...

Sharon Osbourne Regrets Weight Loss Surgery

Sharon Osbourne regrets getting weight loss surgery. The 61-year-old television host underwent a gastric bypass procedure in 1999 after spending years battling with her weight, but she admits she felt like a ''cheat'' because she...

Ozzy Osbourne: I Was A 'Bad Father' And 'Abusive Husband'

Ozzy Osbourne believes he was a ''bad father'' and an ''abusive husband'' when he was battling with addiction. The 65-year-old rocker, who has a history of substance abuse, regrets the way he treated his wife...

Ozzy Osbourne Hated Being On The Osbournes

Ozzy Osbourne used to hate being on 'The Osbournes'.The Black Sabbath rocker claims he ''never watched one f****ing episode'' of his MTV reality show, which ran from 2002 to 2005 and followed his family's antics,...

Aimee Osbourne Slams Richie's Drug-fuelled Lies

Rock offspring AIMEE OSBOURNE has blasted former flatmate NICOLE RICHIE for branding her a boyfriend-stealer, owing her rent money and criticising her family. OZZY OSBOURNE's 21-year-old daughter shared an apartment with singer LIONEL RICHIE's...

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