Review of Talkie Walkie Album by Air

Air - Talkie Walkie

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Air - Talkie Walkie - Album Review


Talkie Walkie


This record could be taken as either intensely irritating or really chilled out, The first two tracks are perfect examples of this: ‘Venus’ and ‘Cherry Blossom Girl (the first single off of the album) revolve around one simple idea which never changes track and has a few bleeps and buzzes added here and there. It’s a theme that runs throughout the whole album and the repetition can get a bit much sometimes. Some tunes are just strange like ‘Run’ which half sounds like it belongs in a House of Horrors ride and half on an Enya CD.

Music - Air - Talkie Walkie - Album Review

‘Talkie Walkie’ feels like an experimental album, like Air are playingaround with ideas. Track 5, ‘Mike Mills’ definitely gives that feelingas it’s loose and doesn’t have much of a focus but it’s morethe way random notes and sounds appear in songs, It’s classic Air in thatit’s floaty and spacey. There are some lovely moments on here, however,it’s not all bad. ‘Biological’ has a lovely, simple, liltingpiano riff which is accompianied by a few other instruments as does ‘MikeMills’ even if it does have that annoying pseudo-classical organ on it.The overriding emotion is that this is a strange album and those who like bandslike Boards of Canada will probably like it.

Natasha Perry