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hi aishwarya i lole you pliese call me now plizz 009805112575899 or 009809153039416 i am wrere love for you plizzzzz

Posted 10 years 10 months ago by morteza

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ashhh,, I DNT LIKE U,u cant speak normaly in interviews? y do u pose? u r not only won MISS WORLD, there are dnt think you r the worlds most beautiful lady....u gt many flap flims...more than hit...we can count ur hit movies on fingure tips....tht hits also because of ur are nt great KAJOL,SREEDEVI.MADHURI... you know only hav nt gt many hits movies still u earned so much, how? did u followed other methods to earn? with sheikhs etc....,]and abt ur are UNFIT as bachans bahu...i dnt think you will be scuess in ur married want public watch ur movies but nt ur MARRIAGE. ofcourse,,,marriage is personal thing...but atleast after marriage did u come out and waved to rudly u behaved.....then Y THIS PUBLIC SHOULD WATCH UR MOVIES?u keep ur movies also all bad wishes to u last u will remain as ASHHHH. only..

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by ashh

ashh's picture

Aishwarya i really love u so much. u r my dream girl.i think u r the most beautiful lady in this world.God needed some time time more for creating u.My full name is Ashiq Rahman & u Aishwarya Rai.i was born in 1983 & u born in 1973.So,there is also little similarity.Its one of my dream to see u infront of, bole to amne samne.I wish all the best for ur married life & i want to see best actress award winner in every year,specially this year for GURU & PROVOKED for creatics.i love u till my death. ASHIQ

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by Ashiq

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Dear Aishwarya Rai... I just want to say your my idol!!! I hope you read this messege :) I am told i look like you and that makes me happy im not indian but i am Turkish but i have been to india and its a beautiful country. :) You are so unique and beautiful and i love your work, also congradulations on your marriage yous both make a wonderful couple. I also believe you made the right choice recently in continuing your actress career. With lots of love xOxO

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by SkY

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aish and abishek, u r a lovely couple. i wish u a happy and fulfilling married life. aish, i hope u won't stop making films. we ur fans would love for u to continue making lovely movies.once again, congrats to u both.

Posted 13 years 12 months ago by fatima bello

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We wish you all the very best in whatever you do. Please accept our best wishes and heartiest blessings on your wedding to Abhishek. May the almighty shower all its goodness to the couple and their respective families ie. Bachhans & Rais.

Posted 13 years 12 months ago by abhijit

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NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR INTERVIEWS: You are as talented as you are beautiful. Your selection of movies, whether they have succeeded at the box office or not, has been very good. If you had concentrated only in Hindi movies, perhaps by now, you would have occupied the undisputed position from 1 to 10 among heroines. I feel that you will be able to capture this position with your forthcoming movies. Abhishek Bachchan and you make a wonderful pair. I wish you both all the success and hapiness. The promos of 'Umrao Jaan' are breathtaking. However, in the interview, you look very artificial with your accent and body language. In various other interviews also you were not that impressive. This is an area where you need to improve. For a talented person like you, it should not be difficult.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Manju, Bangalore

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Hi.My name is Vido.i do not know if your going to read this or not,i hope you will.I just want to tell you how much i admire you,your passion and to say soory for all the bad things you have experienced in your life i mean your relationship with you ex do not deserve this.but there are so many different people in the world so you cannot know when or where you going to meet the wright one.I have never seen you before 'BRIDE AND PREJUDICE" AND AFTER SEEING THE MOVIE i think your great and i'm now a i'll be happy to hear from you.i'm probably the only bulgarian to write i'm waiting for ytour answer for as long as i have the way i'm getting married next month so you better hurry with your congrats.your fan uncle vido

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by uncle vido

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Aishwarya rai...the name is turning into a sex symbol.She is the most beautiful woman i ever shes the SEXIEST.If your are reading...ashIts impossible to match the colour of ur eyes,the pout of ur lips,the lush hair.I admire ur curves,your boobs,and that "cute ass u got ash".You look gr8 in any would be much better without any.Having you in bed would be any mans dream.With those thighs parted i wonder how ur "pot" it hairy??....nah i think its clean shaved.I would surely love to get u on bed....Feed your sweet cunny with my sperms...and the most beautiful woman..begging for my horn in her mouth..teasing it with her lips....fantasies have no end.ur gonna be terrific in bed "miss rai".moaning pig...neiging like a mare....u dirty whore.I dream of screwing u like a bitch hunny...u moaning for more and more..Take u in ur sweet asshole....make u sprawl with pleasure......u will be saying "give me more...yes more..i wanna cum"lying with my penis rubbing softly on ur buttoks...playing with ur tits...kissing them..ur gonna be in heaven///ashYou ought ta be taken like a Bitch...(sorry for being will be begging for my cok everytime...babyIts my greatest fantasies "TAKING ASH'S ASS TO BED"Thats all for now baby...Just keep ur legs open...move ur panties to one side..keep ur sweet pot we for me aishu"..bye

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by lover4ash

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HELLO MERE RANI,NO MATTER HOW FAR OR HOW LONG my luv will still be us,i wil always luv u 4u,i am here whether in spirit,mind,body,shall u ever shed a tear,ur angel will always be luv4u is pure,endless in space n time,it grows stronger everyday as u will always be mine at d altar.i will joyously say i,do ,4ihave it all now n it is all becaue of u]i luv u so much dat everytime whev i dont find u beside me i feel there is something missing.urs mai aliyu jajere nigeria

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by have your say

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hisalammmmmmu friend me ok bye bye

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by bina

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dear ash if u ever read this then it did came from my heartu r the most gorgeous beauty i have evr seen i know alot have sed itbut stillthis isnt goin to mean anything too u but it does to methankx alot\ishan

Posted 15 years 5 months ago by eeeshan

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hello meri rani,why cant u abandoned that hollywood and concentrate fully on your bolly wood cinema.mai aliyu

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by have your say

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