Al Pacino wants to ''work less'' and spend more time with his young children.

The 75-year-old big screen legend shares joint custody of his 14-year-old twins Alton and Olivia - his children with ex-partner Beverley D'Angelo - and he is considering taking a step away from the movie business so he can be more involved in their lives.

He confessed: ''I would rather work less to be honest with you. I have young children so I'd like to be more involved with them because I'm a single dad. I share custody. So that gives me a lot to do.''

But it doesn't look like Pacino will be slowing down any time soon as he is currently shooting 'Beyond Deceit' and will then start work on 'The Trap'.

Although his twins are aware of his career, the Hollywood superstar - who is also dad to daughter Julie, 25, from a previous relationship with his former acting coach Jan Tarrant - insists they take notice of his fame or success.

The 'Godfather' actor told Vanity Fair magazine: ''I'm dad to them. There's the lamp. There's the TV. There's the couch. I fall into that category: furniture.''

Pacino will be working on Broadway in October when he will appear in the play 'China Doll' as a billionaire on the verge of semi-retirement.

He revealed: ''I've got to do the play, which is daunting and large. It's just two characters. So I'm coping with that. Sometimes I just work because the material is good.''