A representative for Alan Jackson has dismissed reports the country singer's daughter was involved in a serious car accident, insisting the rumours were started by an Internet prankster.

A man purporting to be Jackson uploaded a message on his Facebook.com page on Monday morning (29Apr13), claiming the star's daughter, Alexandra, was suffering with internal bleeding following a traffic collision.

It read, "A fathers worst nightmare is knowing his daughters well being is in jeopardy and knowing he has no power over what happens to her except through the power of prayer.

"All of your familys prayers would be much appreciated at this time. Today my middle daughter Ali was in a car crash... We are now in the hospital waiting room, all we know is that Ali had slow internal bleeding that the doctors did not catch. Please pray for my middle daughter (sic)."

However, the account has been exposed as a fake and a spokesperson for the Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) hitmaker has now taken to Jackson's official networking site to alert his followers.

In a post, the rep writes, "Hey, folks - we appreciate your thoughts and concerns for Alan's family. There is someone posing as Alan on Facebook and posting false information about him and his family. We want everyone to know his family is fine. Please keep in mind that this is the only accurate and official Facebook page for Alan Jackson. Thanks again."