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1st October 2012

Quote: "Rod the other day said to me, 'You never told me about that,' and I realised I never told anyone. I never told my husbands, I never told my children... because back in those days it was such a shameful stigma to be raped... in Texas." Alana Stewart never revealed her rape hell to husbands Rod Stewart and George Hamilton or to her kids. She has opened up about the ordeal in her new autobiography Rearview Mirror.

24th September 2009

Fact: George Hamilton and Alana Stewart's son Ashley Hamilton has become the first celebrity to be voted off the new season of U.S. talent show Dancing With The Stars.

19th May 2009

Quote: "He walks in the room and she just lights up. If he's not there, she asks for him and (then) he's there. You know, he's staying with her all the time. And I think he's like her Rock of Gibraltar." Ailing actress Farrah Fawcett relies on longterm partner RYAN O'NEAL as she battles anal cancer, according to best friend Alana Stewart.

21st April 2009

Quote: "He's not a hardened criminal by any means. He's a kid with a drug problem, who is very much wanting to get sober and have a life. Redmond is a sweet, funny bright kid and he and his mother are very, very close." Alana Stewart on best pal Farrah Fawcett's son REDMOND, who is being held in jail without bail following a drug arrest and probation violation.

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