Alanis Morissette’s former business manager has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment after he stole more than £5.4 million from the singer and others he worked for, it has been reported.

Jonathan Schwartz, 47, had previously admitted stealing around $5 million from the Canadian singer-songwriter between the years 2010 and 2014, and approximately $2 million from five other unnamed clients in the same time period.

He was sentenced on Wednesday (May 3rd) in the Federal Court of Los Angeles, by Judge Dolly Gee who exceeded the 63-month sentence requested by prosecutors in sending Schwartz down.

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette's former business manager was sent down for six years for stealing over $5 million from her

Back in January, he had pled guilty to two counts of wire fraud and falsifying federal tax returns, and waived his right to a grand jury trial, factors which were considered by the judge.

“In the past I've criticised the sentencing guidelines as draconian, but this is a rare instance in which I feel they're not harsh enough,” Judge Gee said while sentencing, according to Variety. He will report for his sentence on July 11th.

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Last month, Schwartz had written an open letter published by The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that he was a gambling addict and had perpetrated the crimes in order to make up for that.

“At first, I 'borrowed' a little from clients, with the hopes that I would pay them back if I won that night's bet. That snowballed, and as I kept losing, I kept stealing,” he wrote.

Morissette, 42, appeared in court in person to testify against Schwartz, and said that he “not only stole $5 million in cash from me, he stole a dream”.

“I'd go on tours he recommended and they would lose money, but he'd still urge me to spend! Spend! Spend! He was creating an alibi from the start,” she told the court on Wednesday, adding that when she confronted him about her concerns he would burst into tears, “taking advantage of my empathic nature.”

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