Canadian singer Alanis Morissette is facing legal action from a disgruntled former employee over allegations of unpaid overtime.

Sheila Dos Santos claims the Ironic hitmaker and her husband Mario Treadway violated Los Angeles labour laws by forcing her to work long hours without proper breaks for meals.

In papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court earlier this month (Oct14), she also accuses the couple of fining her when she complained about the alleged work conditions and then creating "a hostile and disparate working environment", which left the plaintiff no choice but to leave her job after four years.

Dos Santos, who has not provided further details about the nature of her work with the stars, is suing for damages for wrongful discharge, labour law violations, unpaid wages, infliction of emotional distress and unfair business practices, according to

It's not the first time Morissette and Treadway have been sued by an ex-employee - they are also involved in a legal battle over complaints about long, exhausting shifts and unpaid overtime with their son Ever's former nanny, Bianca Cambeiro, who filed suit last year (13).

Morissette blasted Cambeiro's allegations as "hurtful" and "cruel".