Since it came out in 1995, Alanis Morisette’s You Oughtta Know has been repurposed as the anthem of thousands of bad breakups. But to the many Alanis fans, who have burnt pictures of their exes to the tune of Morisette’s hit, Dave Coulier would like you to know: it wasn’t about him. Coulier, whose career piqued in the 90s, is mostly known for two things – playing Joey on Full House and being the inspiration behind Alanis Morisette’s angsty breakup track – sort of like the Taylor Swift/John Mayer relationship of the generation, for anyone born after 1999.

Alanis Morissette
Alanis Morissette might be over it by now, but Coulier sure isn't.

In a recent interview, Coulier confirmed that he and Morissette dated, but there's no way he had anything to do with those now 19-year-old lyrics.

"You know, it's just funny to be the supposed subject of that song," he said. "First of all, the guy in that song is a real a-hole, so I don't want to be that guy."

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In fact, Coulier thinks that he unintentionally started the rumor himself, when he jokingly admitted that the song was about him during a red carpet interview, via People . "The press just wore me down and everybody wanted to know," he said. "So I said, 'Yeah, all right, I'm the guy. There, I said it!’”

Coulier has said some contradictory things about the song in the past. In a 2008 interview with the Calgary Herald, he admits to being overwhelmed when he first heard their breakup playing itself out on Top 40 radio.

"I said 'Wow, this girl is angry,'" he told the paper. "I listened to the song over and over again and I said 'I think I have really hurt this person.'"  

So which one is it, Dave?

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Dave Coulier
Dave Coulier - so how is this still relevant?