Alec Baldwin thinks "every moment" he and his wife Hilaria spend away from their children is a "date".

The 65-year-old actor has Carmen, 10, Rafael, eight, Leonardo, six, Romeo, five, Eduardo, and Lucia, both two, and eleven-month-old Ilaria with his wife and while attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, the celebrity duo admitted that they don't have much time for each other because of their brood.

He told Extra: "When you have seven children, every moment away from your seven children is date night, technically. It’s a cup of coffee we usually have every evening together. My wife, she bathes and feeds and puts the kids to bed every night, then we go off and have some time together."

Hilaria quipped: "He gets a little bit of attention" before Alec - who also has 28-year-old daughter Ireland with Kim Basinger - noted: "A very little bit!"

Meanwhile, the Hollywood stars had been rumoured to be getting their own reality show in the style of 'The Kardashians' but Hilaria admitted she doesn't know if the world is "ready" to see that just yet.

She said: "I don’t know if everybody would be ready for that. Can you imagine the chaos that we live in?… There’s always something going on!"

Alec added that if such a series was to come to fruition, it would be comedic in nature as he claimed that when the reports initially surfaced, they had been somewhat derogatory towards the pair and had "made fun" of them but insisted such a show would be about their unity as a family.

He said: "When they reported that, a lot of people made fun of us... It’s about us being together. Whether we did something like that or not, it would be comedy."