He may profess his liberalism, but Alec Baldwin rarely does himself any favours when trying to cover up his apparent homophobia. His latest rant that could be perceived as homophobic came as he gave he explained his recent dismissal from MSNBC following an altercating with a paparazzo during his consuming court case against an alleged stalker of his.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin surrounded by his natural enemy

As is the norm for Baldwin, he was confronted by paparazzi outside his New York City home, where he supposedly referred to one as a "c**ksucking fag," with his actions being caught on camera and his comments being recorded too. With the press reacting angrily to the comments, MSNBC were forced to take action and severed their ties with the actor and political commentator, with the New York Post first reporting his dismissal, citing more than just his outburst with the paps for his dismissal.

Backed into a corner, Baldwin has had to come forward and explain things from his point of view, stating that he never knowingly used any anti-gay slurs when addressing the paps, going on to effectively blame his dismissal from the news network on gay rights advocates, which once again kind of painted him as a homophobe. It's just Alec Baldwin being Alec Baldwin really.

Speaking with The Gothamist, he went on to deny the more damning parts of the NY Post's reports and said in regards to the paparazzi comments, "you can't really tell what I'm saying, and we live in a world in which the phrase 'TMZ's enhanced audio' exists...I dispute half the comment I made... if I called him 'cocksucking maggot' or a 'cocksucking motherfucker'... 'faggot' is not the word that came out of my mouth."

Alec Baldwin
No matter what noun he used, "cocksucker" is still a gay slur

Forgetting that "cocksucking" is also a anti-gay slur, Baldwin then took aim at the individuals he placed at the centre of his dismissal. He said, "But you've got the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy—Rich Ferraro and Andrew Sullivan—they're out there, they've got you. Rich Ferraro, this is probably one of his greatest triumphs. They killed my show. And I have to take some responsibility for that myself."

So, what do you think? Is Alec Baldwin a homophobe, or is he just a bit of an idiot who can't hold his tongue? Or, is he both?You be the judge!

Alec Hilaria Baldwin
Alec, pictured with his wife Hilaria Baldwin