Alec Baldwin has moved to deny speculation he is leaving '30 Rock' following a dispute with the NBC network, but claims the show is slated to come to an end soon anyway. Baldwin made headlines last week by claiming he was leaving the network "just in time" after the Today show crew camped outside his apartment building, reports the Associated Press.
The morning show was looking for quotes to accompany a story on Baldwin's stalker, who sent the Hollywood star a string of emails before turning up at his home. Speaking in Washington to push for arts funding, the actor said on Monday (April 16, 2012) that a big draw of joining the cast of '30 Rock' was to work at Nbc. He confirmed that he would be finishing the seventh season of the hit comedy show, but confirmed that it is slated to come to an end in 2013. Baldwin lauded the network for having the best programming legacy, but noted that he was not a fan of the Today show and recommended alternatives such as ABC's Good Morning America.