Alec Baldwin has worked with MSNBC for so long that it’s difficult to imagine the network without him. Unfortunately, we’ll be forced to, as his show, Up Late, will not be continuing with the network, as per a joint statement released by MSNBC and Baldwin’s rep Matthew Hitzik. According to USA Today, MSNBC has also released a statement clarifying that it was a "mutual parting and we wish Alec all the best.”

Alec Baldwin, Blood Ties Premiere
The supposed reasons behind Baldwin's firing sound fairly obvious.

While the official statement only refers to the cancellation of Up Late, according to other reports, apparently originating from Page Six, the reason behind the cancellation was twofold – bad ratings and Baldwin’s troublesome public image. This claim seems to contradict the additional statement about the decision being "mutual."

According to Page Six, the latest episode of Up Late was watched by just 395,000 viewers in total and this played a major part in the decision to axe the show. The website cites an anonymous source as saying: ““The frustration set in several weeks ago. All Baldwin’s shows were unwatchable. He assumed it would be a success, and when he saw the ratings were a disaster, he stopped wanting to do a lot of work for a little audience.

Alec Baldwin, East Hampton
The actor has always been notably short-tempered with the papparazzi.

“Baldwin found out that cable news is tough, and stopped making an effort,” the source continues. Add to this low performance Baldwin’s tirade against a reporter from last Tuesday (during which the actor also used a homophobic slur) and it isn’t hard to see what brought on the firing. Baldwin did apologize after the incident, but apparently it was just too little too late.

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin
It's understandable, given Baldwin and wife Hilaria's recent experience with a stalker.