Alec Baldwin was in court on Tuesday, facing charges of disorderly conduct for an incident back in May, when he confronted a couple of cops, after riding his bike the wrong way in the traffic on Fifth Avenue. According to TMZ, Baldwin had not toned down his act for the courtroom. During the proceedings, he reportedly referred to NYC as “an unmanaged carnival of stupidity.”

Alec Baldwin
Looks like Baldwin is off the hook for his New York mishap. 

Despite his outburst, Baldwin might end up on the winning end of the trial, after he said in court that he’d rather pay a fine than apologize for berating the police officers.

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According to TMZ, the judge, apparently reluctant to deal with the temperamental 30 Rock star, told Baldwin that he would let him off, if the actor could stay out of trouble for six full months. The exchange, according to the gossip website, went something like this – the judge asked, "Can you stay out of trouble, Alexander?"

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Alec Baldwin
Can Baldwin stay out of trouble? That's the big question.

To that, Baldwin said, "Sure, sure"

According to the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column, Judge John Delury told the star: "Looks like you have a short fuse. You want to wait this out? Do you want to apologise?"

So that happened. Let’s hope Baldwin stays out of headlines (and out of court) for rest of this year.